Our Programs

Policy Analysis

The Program on Medicaid and the Uninsured

The Program on Medicaid and the Uninsured provides information and analysis on health care coverage and access for the low-income population, with special focus on Medicaid's role and coverage of the uninsured.

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The Program on the Health Care Marketplace

The Program on the Health Care Marketplace provides information and analysis about the health care market, including trends in health insurance, health care costs, and health care services.

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The Program on Medicare Policy

The Program on Medicare Policy provides information, research and analysis related to the Medicare program and the population of seniors and people with disabilities it covers.

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The Program on the ACA

The Program on the ACA examines changes in the private insurance market under the Affordable Care Act as federal and state policymakers implement provisions of the health reform law. The program focuses on the implications for the cost and accessibility of insurance coverage.

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The Disparities Policy Project

The Disparities Policy Project conducts research and policy analysis to provide greater insight and understanding into health care disparities affecting underserved groups and strategies to promote equity in health care. The program addresses a broad range of dimensions of inequity, including, race and ethnicity, language, income, gender, and location.

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Women's Health Policy

KFF's program in women’s health policy provides current analysis on the health policies that shape women’s access to care and coverage throughout their lifespan.

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State Health Reform and Data

KFF's State Health Reform team tracks state reform efforts, including state insurance exchanges and other efforts that complement the Affordable Care Act, and manages and produces state-specific data on health coverage, health reform activities, and population health.

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The Global Health & HIV Policy Program

KFF's global health policy work focuses on providing the latest data and information on the U.S. role in global health to offer a comprehensive picture of the U.S. global health policy landscape, focusing on key issues facing policymakers, journalists, non-governmental organizations and others working in the global health arena.

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The Public Opinion & Survey Research Program

The Public Opinion and Survey Research program conducts and analyzes original research on Americans' attitudes, knowledge and experiences with the health care system with the goal of amplifying the public's voice in major national debates, particularly the voice of often-disenfranchised groups such as the low income and uninsured.

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Kaiser Health News

Kaiser Health News (KHN) is the premier source of health policy journalism. Its staff reporters, public radio station partners around the country and freelance contributors cover politics and issues playing out in Washington and the states. Dozens of news organizations have used KHN stories, among them the Washington Post, NPR, New York Times, USA Today, McClatchy Newspapers, Chicago Tribune and Philadelphia Inquirer.

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The Kaiser Media Fellowships in Health Reporting

The Media Fellowships Program provides selected journalists with unique opportunities to gain an in-depth grasp of U.S. health policy issues, through site visits, briefings and discussions with policy experts and fellow editors and reporters.

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Social Impact Media

The Social Impact Media Program works with major media, other corporate allies, health departments, national leadership and community organizations, to undertake large-scale, multi-faceted public information partnerships, most notably on HIV/AIDS and related issues.

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