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Coverage for Abortion Services in Medicaid, Marketplace Plans and Private Plans

See national and state estimates on the availability of abortion coverage for women enrolled in private plans, Marketplace plans and Medicaid.

Potential Impact of Proposed Regulations on Abortion Coverage in Marketplace Plans

The day after the 2018 midterm elections, the Trump Administration issued proposed regulations that would require ACA Marketplace plans to issue separate bills to individuals who have abortion coverage as part of their benefit package.

The Myth Of The Abortion Insurance Rider

In Health Affairs, KFF experts discuss the feasibility of abortion riders to private group and individual health plans as a means of providing access to abortion coverage when states ban the coverage as part of an insurance plan.

Abortion Riders in States with Insurance Restrictions

  • 10 states ban abortion coverage in most private plans
  • 9 of these states allow sale of abortion riders
  • No insurers offer abortion riders on individual market in these states

Changes to Contraceptive Coverage Rule: Exemptions & Accommodations

  • Which employers are exempt from providing contraceptive coverage without cost sharing.
  • What type of employers may seek an “accommodation” to avoid paying for contraceptives in their plans.

Medicaid’s Role for Women

Changes to the program’s financing and structure could have significant implications for low-income women’s access to coverage and care.

Fact Sheet: Medication Abortion

Even as overall rates of abortion decline, the use of medication abortion has grown significantly since its approval by the FDA.