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  • Health Costs

    Comparing Private Payer and Medicare Rates for Select Inpatient Hospital Services

    Private insurers typically pay more than twice as much as Medicare for services likely to be used by patients hospitalized with COVID-19. Our analysis also shows there is much wider variation in private insurance payment rates than Medicare payments for all services we analyzed.
  • Issue Brief

    COVID-19 and Workers at Risk: Examining the Long-Term Care Workforce

    The nation’s long-term care workers are disproportionately low wage employees, they tend to have direct and frequent contact with patients, and many are middle-aged or older. That makes them a group that is at higher risk of coronavirus infection and generally less suited to weather the financial and physical trials of getting sick.

    Insulin Costs and Coverage in Medicare Part D

    Medicare Part D enrollees would have paid roughly 30 percent less out-of-pocket for insulin in 2017 had the Trump administration’s new plan to cap insulin costs been in effect that year, according to our analysis. The examination of the administration’s new voluntary Part D model is part of a broader look at costs and coverage for insulin in Medicare Part D.
  • Personal Finance

    Medicare Beneficiaries’ Financial Security Before the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Even before the effects of the coronavirus pandemic are fully realized, our analysis finds many Medicare beneficiaries lived on limited incomes and modest, if any, savings, with wide disparities by age, gender and race/ethnicity. That raises questions about the extent to which Medicare beneficiaries will be able to bear additional, unanticipated costs that are likely to arise from the pandemic.

Medicare advantage statistics

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of Medicare Advantage enrollees are in plans operated by UnitedHealthcare, Humana, or BlueCross BlueShield affiliates in 2019. (2019 Issue Brief)
of new Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans during their first year on Medicare in 2016. (2019 Issue Brief)
of all Medicare beneficiaries (22 million people) are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. (2019 Issue Brief)
of the 22 million Medicare Advantage enrollees in 2019 are in in HMOs, with the rest in local or regional PPOs. (2019 Fact Sheet)
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