Permissions: How to Cite and Reprint KFF Materials

KFF’s website content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License that allows for the sharing of our information with proper attribution and without alteration.

May I reprint your material?

KFF materials may be reprinted, in whole or in part, without written permission, as long as they are not altered, and as long as your readers will not be charged for access (with the exception of tuition or course pack fees).

All original KFF content is copyrighted material.

Please follow the recommended citation format below.

Linking To Our Materials

With respect to republishing KFF materials online, we ask that you link directly to the web page of the report or resource.   To ensure your readers benefit from the most current information, do not link directly to PDFs on  PDFs are often updated and a link directly to the PDF bypasses the webpage where updates and new versions are made available.

Recommended Citations

Publications (Reports, Surveys, Fact Sheets, Issue Briefs, Perspectives, etc.)

For publications with no authors listed:

[Title of publication], (KFF, [date of publication])

For publications with authors listed:

[Author(s)], [Title of publication], (KFF, [date of publication])

You should also include the URL and the date accessed.

Data Indicators: State Health Facts

Most of the State Health Facts information is public and may be reproduced for free with appropriate citation.

In a few cases, the data are copyrighted and the authors have requested that the data not be reproduced without express permission. If this is the case, the sourcing information on the data indicator web page will specify. Please contact us  if you have questions about data use.

KFF’s State Health Facts. [Data Source]
The data source may be cited using the reference that appears on each data indicator page under “Source.” 

For example, “KFF’s State Health Facts. Data Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HIV Surveillance Supplemental Report, Midyear Edition, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2001, “Characteristics of Persons Living with AIDS at the End of 1999.”

You may also choose to include the URL and the date accessed.

Other Website Features

“[Content title],” KFF, accessed [Date], [URL]


Any videos produced by KFF must be cited.  Follow the citation style outlined above in the “Other Website Features” section.  Videos cannot be downloaded from the site and re-uploaded to an individual’s YouTube channel.  Videos may be embedded in an organization or individual’s website for free via the KFF’s  YouTube channel or through the videos page on

Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report

In addition to not altering the content of the news summaries, we require that you retain the hyperlinks within the stories when you are reprinting the Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report news summaries online.  A RSS feed of the report is also available.

This information was reprinted from with permission from KFF. You can view the entire Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report, search the archives, and sign up for email delivery at © KFF. All rights reserved.

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