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Watch: How Do Prescription Drug Rebates Work?

A video explainer on the policy mechanics, who benefits, the role of pharmacy benefit managers and why rebates matter in the debate over prescription drug costs.

A Look at People Who Have Persistently High Spending on Health Care

Just 1.3% of enrollees were responsible for 19.5% of overall health spending in employer coverage in 2017.

How Often Do Consumers Get Hit with Surprise Medical Bills?

We analyze the incidence of surprise bills as well as proposals to protect consumers from them.

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What Are the Recent and Forecasted Trends in Prescription Drug Spending?

  • Growth in prescription spending has slowed again in 2017, after increasing rapidly in 2014 and 2015
  • Estimates suggest that Rx drugs will continue to represent a larger portion of overall health spending
  • Out-of-pocket spending for Rx drugs remained flat in 2017, while out-of-pocket spending on hospital and physician services grew