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Women's Health Policy

New Title X Regulations: Implications for Women and Family Planning Providers

A review of the final provisions of the published rule highlights changes and information on historical and current legal challenges to Title X regulations.

>Alina Salganicoff Answers 3 Questions on Final Title X Regulations for Family Planning Clinics

Health Reform

How Affordable are 2019 ACA Premiums for Middle-Income People?

Analysis: Premiums are least affordable for older adults who do not qualify for federal subsidies, especially in rural areas.


Medicare-for-All and Public Plan Buy-In Proposals: Overview and Key Issues

As policymakers debate next steps for expanding health insurance coverage and lowering health costs, some have introduced legislation that would broaden the role of public programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Women's Health Policy

Potential Impact of Proposed Regulations on Abortion Coverage in Marketplace Plans

The day after the 2018 midterm elections, the Trump Administration issued proposed regulations that would require ACA Marketplace plans to issue separate bills to individuals who have abortion coverage as part of their benefit package.

The Uninsured and the Affordable Care Act: A Primer

A look at how insurance has changed, how many remain uninsured, who they are and why they lack coverage.