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Health Reform

State Actions to Improve the Affordability of Insurance in the Individual Market

  • Reinsurance programs
  • State individual mandate
  • Enhanced state-funded subsidies
  • Public plan option
  • Expanding availability of short-term plans
Health Costs

How Often Do Consumers Get Hit with Surprise Medical Bills?

We analyze the incidence of surprise bills as well as proposals to protect consumers from them.

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Private Insurance

Individual Market Was Stable and Insurers Generally Were Profitable in Q1 2019

This despite the repeal of the individual mandate penalty and the expansion of short-term plans.

How Many Medicare Part D Enrollees Had High Out-of-Pocket Drug Costs in 2017?

The experiences of Part D enrollees with high spending on drugs has caught the attention of policymakers in Washington, among whom there is growing and bipartisan interest in placing a cap on annual out-of-pocket spending under Part D.

Puerto Rico & USVI: Heading for a Fiscal Cliff When Temporary Medicaid Funds Expire

An overview of the status of the health care systems and Medicaid programs in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands about one and a half years after Hurricanes Irma and Maria struck the territories in September 2017.

Health Reform

Basic Health Policy Resources: What You Need To Know

KFF explainers and fact sheets on a range of topics, including:

The Affordable Care Act, Disparities Policy, Global Health Policy, Health Costs, Health Reform, HIV/AIDS, Medicaid, Medicare, Polling, Private Insurance, State Data, Uninsured and Women’s Health Policy
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