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Health Costs

Deductible Relief Day is May 19

As deductibles rise and become more common, it takes longer for people with employer coverage to meet them.

Private Insurance

Individual Market Insurers Are Meeting or Beating Pre-ACA Profitability Levels

Insurers are expecting to pay a record $800 million in rebates to consumers in 2019.

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Health Reform

Interactive: Compare 2019 Bills to Expand Public Coverage

This interactive examines legislation introduced in the current Congress that would expand coverage through Medicare-for-all or other public programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.
Health Reform

Basic Health Policy Resources: What You Need To Know

KFF explainers and fact sheets on a range of topics, including:

The Affordable Care Act, Disparities Policy, Global Health Policy, Health Costs, Health Reform, HIV/AIDS, Medicaid, Medicare, Polling, Private Insurance, State Data, Uninsured and Women’s Health Policy
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Global Health Policy

The Mexico City Policy: An Explainer

Understanding how the Mexico City Policy affects the provision of legal abortion services in U.S. assisted countries.