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Medicaid’s Role in Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

A one-page distillation of data about the opioid epidemic and Medicaid’s role in covering addiction treatment services.

Key State Policy Choices About Medical Frailty Determinations for Medicaid Expansion Adults

The complexity of the administrative process for determining medical frailty can affect enrollees’ ability to retain access to the benefit package and coverage for which they are eligible.

How Connecting Justice-Involved Individuals to Medicaid Can Help Address the Opioid Epidemic

  • Medicaid expansion has served as a key impetus for re-entry efforts.
  •  States can facilitate connections to coverage for individuals transitioning into/out of incarceration by suspending eligibility for those who enter incarceration with Medicaid and providing enrollment assistance before release.
  •  States are advancing coordination of care and access to services, including MAT, to support successful re-entry by individuals into the community.

Medicaid Financial Eligibility for Seniors and People with Disabilities: Findings from a 50-State Survey

Medicaid covers over 6.9 million people age 65 or older, nearly 7 million nonelderly adults with disabilities and, with the Children’s Health Insurance Program, about 6.1 million children with special health needs.

What's Happened under Medicaid Work Requirements in Arkansas?

  • 18,164 individuals lost coverage in 2018
  • 1,910, have reapplied for and regained coverage in 2019 (the clock reset in January for non-compliance)
  • As of March 7, 7,066 enrollees had one month of non-compliance and 6,472 enrollees had two months of non-compliance in the new year

Medicaid Waiver Tracker: Approved and Pending Section 1115 Waivers by State

View states’ approved and pending waivers according to topic:

  • Work Requirement Waivers
  • Waivers with Eligibility and Enrollment Restrictions
  • Waivers with Benefit, Copay, and Healthy Behavior Provisions
  • Waivers with Behavioral Health Provisions

The Effects of Medicaid Expansion under the ACA: Updated Findings from a Literature Review

Findings from 202 studies of the impact of state Medicaid expansions published between January 2014 and February 2018.
  • Coverage
  • Access, Utilization, Affordability and Health Outcomes
  • Economic Outcomes

Estimated Impacts of the Proposed Public Charge Rule on Immigrants and Medicaid

  • Medicaid/CHIP enrollment likely to decline.
  • Over 14M Medicaid and CHIP enrollees live in a household with a noncitizen.
  • 94 percent of noncitizens who entered the U.S. without legal permanent resident status have characteristics the government could weigh against them in public charge determinations.