employer BENEFITS

Latest Polling
People under age 65 across the country rely on employer-sponsored health coverage. (State Health Facts)
Average annual deductible for single coverage in employer-sponsored plans. (2019 Employer Health Benefits Survey)
of employers offer health benefits, the same as last year and similar to a decade ago. (2019 Employer Health Benefits Survey)
of those in employer health plans with high deductibles say they couldn’t pay a medical bill the size of their deductible without going into debt. (KFF/LATimes Poll)
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Individual market

Latest Polling
Total enrollment in the individual market in early 2019, down 5% from previous year. (Data Note)
Average reduction in premiums nationally for the ACA marketplaces’ benchmark silver plans in 2020. (Brief)
Estimated total rebates paid by insurers in 2019 due to the ACA’s medical-loss ratio requirements. (Brief)
Average gross margins per member per month for individual market insurers in first quarter of 2019. (Brief)

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