Global Community Must Better Manage Water Use, Ensure Supply Meets Demand

Washington Post: The growing stress on the world’s water
Editorial Board

“The World Bank has warned countries that one of climate change’s most significant impacts will be on a precious resource that many people, particularly in advanced nations, take for granted: water. … Countries must worry about whether their people will have enough fresh water to farm, produce electricity, bathe, and drink. … The World Bank calculates that water strain from population growth and climate change could reduce growth in some major economies by an astonishing six percent by 2050. … About four billion people already live in areas suffering from water stress. … Countries have to manage water use more rationally. … [T]he answer is to treat water like any other precious resource: Create a fair and transparent market for it, allowing supply to meet demand, which will let the water flow to its most efficient uses…” (5/10).