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Human Rights Watch Research Addresses HIV Treatment Access In UAE Prisons

Human Rights Watch: UAE: Groups Press to Aid Prisoners With HIV In this article, Human Rights Watch discusses its research on HIV treatment access in Emirati prisons. The article also includes the response of UAE government to the allegations outlined in the research (11/19).

ProPublica Examines U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s Influence On Foreign Aid Distribution

ProPublica: How Mike Pence’s Office Meddled in Foreign Aid to Reroute Money to Favored Christian Groups “…Decisions about U.S. aid are often no longer being governed by career professionals applying a rigorous review of applicants and their capabilities. Over the last two years, political pressure, particularly from the office of…

Islamic Finance Can Play Important Role In Helping World Achieve SDGs, IDB President Writes

Financial Times: It is time to position Islamic finance as sustainability leader Bandar Hajjar, president of the Islamic Development Bank “…Islamic finance places great importance on improving the quality of life, social equity and fair trade relations. It recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and forbids irresponsible profiteering at…

U.S. Sanctions On Iran Harming Humanitarian, Health Imports, HRW Report Says

Human Rights Watch: Iran: Sanctions Threatening Health “The Trump administration’s broad sanctions on Iran have drastically constrained the ability of the country to finance humanitarian imports, including medicines, causing serious hardships for ordinary Iranians and threatening their right to health, Human Rights Watch said in a report released [Tuesday]. The…

USAID Administrator Unsure Of U.S. Assistance Situation In War-Torn Syria; Humanitarian Groups Face Challenges Reaching Impacted Populations

Associated Press: Aid groups scramble to reach Syrians as battle lines shift “Humanitarian groups in northeastern Syria are scrambling to provide aid to hundreds of thousands of people as rapidly shifting battle lines make it increasingly difficult to reach them. Nearly all foreign aid workers have been evacuated because of…

WHO EMRO Expresses Concern Over Humanitarian Health Situation In Northeastern Syria

WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean: WHO gravely concerned about humanitarian situation in northeast Syria “WHO is gravely concerned about the humanitarian health situation in northeast Syria, where up to 200,000 people have been displaced as a result of increased military operations since 9 October, and almost 1.5 million…