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Opinion Piece, Editorial Address Access To Clean Water, Hygiene, Sanitation On World Water Day

Devex: Opinion: Fixing water fixes gender parity Amanda Gimble, senior vice president of strategic initiatives at Safe Water Network, and Venkatesh “Venky” Raghavendra, vice president of advancement at Safe Water Network “…Expanding safe water and women’s participation in its provision through small water enterprises — businesses that provide safe, reliable,…

Indian Government Outlines Measures To Ensure Health Of Infants, Children

Narendra Modi: Taking Decisive Steps Towards Securing Health of Future Generations This post outlines measures the Indian government has taken to ensure the health of infants and children, including efforts to reduce infant and maternal mortality rates, vaccinate children for Japanese Encephalitis, and address malnutrition through POSHAN Abhiyaan, which aims…

CSIS Releases March 2019 Issue Of Global Health Policy Center Monthly Newsletter

Center for Strategic & International Studies: Global Health Policy Center Monthly Update In the March 2019 CSIS Global Health Policy Center Newsletter, J. Stephen Morrison, senior vice president of CSIS and director of the CSIS Global Health Policy Center (GHPC), highlights recent publications, podcasts, and past and upcoming events hosted…

Parental Resistance To Polio Vaccine Complicating Eradication Efforts In Pakistan

Washington Post: Pakistan, on verge of eradicating polio virus, faces human hurdles “…[T]hough the virus is tantalizingly close to eradication in Pakistan, it has recently reappeared in drain and sewer samples from eight urban areas, and four new cases of paralyzed children have been confirmed since Jan. 1. The reason…