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UNAIDS Feature Story Discusses HIV/AIDS Response In Thailand

UNAIDS: Turning the tide of the HIV epidemic in Thailand This piece discusses the history of the HIV/AIDS response in Thailand and highlights the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre’s work in addressing the epidemic (1/17).

More Opinions In Global Health

Devex: Opinion: Improving health outcomes in Papua New Guinea Amy Gildea, managing director of international development, Asia Pacific for Coffey (1/15). Devex: Opinion: Advances in AI and satellites can help us meet the SDGs Rhiannan Price, director of the sustainable development practice at Maxar (1/16). Forbes: Tokyo, 15 Others: Newest…

Experts Commend China, Hong Kong, WHO For Response To Novel Coronavirus Outbreak, Call For Universal Coronavirus Vaccine Development In Opinion Piece

Foreign Policy: China Deserves Some Credit for Its Handling of the Wuhan Pneumonia Daniel Lucey of Georgetown University Medical Center and Annie Sparrow, assistant professor of population health science and policy at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai “…Within weeks of detection of the initial outbreak in December in…

Lawmakers From India, Japan Work To Implement Sexual, Reproductive Health Suggestions, Educate Fellow Parliamentarians Following ICPD25

IPS: India and Japan’s MPs Act Quickly to Implement Sexual and Reproductive Health Plans after ICPD25 “Parliamentarians from India and Japan have hit the ground running by acting soon after the recent Nairobi Summit on International Conference on Population Development (ICPD25). … Members of the Indian Association of Parliamentarians on…

U.N. Security Council Approves 2 Of 4 Humanitarian Aid Crossing Points In Syria, Allows 2 Humanitarian Aid Groups To Operate In North Korea

VOA: U.N. Security Council Authorizes Scaled-Back Cross-Border Aid into Syria “The U.N. Security Council voted Friday to allow scaled-back cross-border humanitarian aid operations to continue into Syria, adopting a resolution just hours before the operations were due to expire. Russia won its push to cut back the number of crossing…