Global Health Community Recognizes World Water Day, Discusses Related Issues

International Atomic Energy Agency: World Water Day 2020: Water and Climate Change… and Isotopes
Elodie Broussard with the IAEA Office of Public Information and Communication discusses how the IAEA helps countries mitigate the impacts of climate change on water resources (3/20).

Oxfam: Achieving Sustainable Development Goals 5 and 6: The case for gender-transformative water programs
In a briefing note, Emma Crawford, policy adviser at Oxfam, discusses the link between gender equality and access to safe water and sanitation and argues that in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals on both gender equality (SDG5) and universal access to water (SDG6), the “international community must adopt more gender-transformative approaches to water development” (3/22).

Water World: Water resources an essential part of the solution to climate change
“Climate change will affect the availability, quality, and quantity of water needed for basic human needs, thus undermining enjoyment of the basic rights to safe drinking water and sanitation for billions of people, warns the latest U.N. World Water Development Report. The authors call on States to make more concrete commitments to address the challenge…” (3/22).

World Economic Forum: 3 ways to put water onto the climate agenda
Anna Huber, a specialist in water and environmental resilience with the World Economic Forum, discusses three key lessons from global youth to advance an inclusive and effective climate action agenda: 1. Raise awareness … 2. Be an advocate … 3. Seek innovation (3/20).