Foreign Policy Examines Trump Administration’s Restrictions On Aid To North Korea

Foreign Policy: Washington Wants Pyongyang to Choose: Humanitarian Aid or Nukes
“The administration of U.S. President Donald Trump is restricting some international relief agencies from delivering humanitarian assistance to needy North Koreans, in the latest effort to compel Pyongyang to dismantle its nuclear arms program. In recent months, U.S. diplomats have delayed the export of surgical equipment and supplies for fighting tuberculosis and malaria to North Korea, and held up the delivery from Canada of 300 stainless steel soy-milk cans for daycare centers and orphanages there, according to several diplomatic sources and internal United Nations documents. The measures, which the United States is channeling through the U.N. Security Council committee responsible for monitoring sanctions on North Korea, appears to be part of Washington’s maximum pressure campaign against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s regime…” (Lynch, 12/12).