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More News In Global Health

Agence France-Presse: Myanmar floods force tens of thousands from homes (8/8). Associated Press: U.N. food agency to boost aid for 4 Central American countries (8/9). BBC News: Kenya’s new breast milk bank in bid to reduce infant mortality (Odhiambo/Panyanko, 8/9). The BMJ: Malaria outbreak in Burundi reaches epidemic levels with…

More News In Global Health

Agence France-Presse: 1,800 dead as malaria ‘epidemic’ rages in Burundi — U.N. (8/6). Devex: Leveraging the private sector to fill the global health funding gap (8/6). NPR: War Is The Enemy Of Breastfeeding (Brink, 8/6). Xinhua News: Confirmed dengue death toll rises to 23 in Bangladesh (8/7).

More News In Global Health

Associated Press: New Zealand government plans to ease abortion restrictions (Perry, 8/5). Borgen Magazine: Mitigating the Effect of Anti-Vaxxers on Global Health (Ramos, 8/5). Borgen Magazine: The Eradication of Malaria in Argentina and Algeria (Hall, 8/3). Borgen Magazine: Legislation to Tackle Violence Against Women Around the World (Bryant, 8/3). Health…

More News In Global Health

BBC News: Kenyan survivors: Cancer is ‘national disaster’ (8/1). The Economist: A history of humankind’s enemy number one (8/1). The Guardian: Running dry: the water crisis driving migration to the U.S. (Lakhani, 8/1). The Lancet: Honduras’s worst dengue outbreak in 50 years (Alves, 8/3). The Lancet: North Korea ‘on the…

Opinion Piece Discusses Debate Related To Using Genetically Altered Mosquitoes To Address Malaria

Wall Street Journal: Environmental Extremists Favor Mosquitoes Over Mankind Richard Tren, co-founder of Africa Fighting Malaria “…Target Malaria is a Gates Foundation-supported research effort to develop genetically modified sterile mosquitoes. Its approach is to drive modified genes through a mosquito population to produce sterile females or cause the breeding of…

Author Of New Book Discusses History Of Mosquitoes, Diseases They Carry

New York Times: The Mosquitoes Are Coming for Us Timothy C. Winegard, author of “The Mosquito: A Human History of Our Deadliest Predator” “…Mosquitoes are our apex predator … Flying solo, the mosquito does not directly harm anyone. It is the diseases she transmits that cause an endless barrage of…