South Africa Sees Coronavirus Surge; North Korea Reports 1st Suspected COVID-19 Case; Some European Nations Reinstate Restrictions; CDC Calls For U.S. Schools To Reopen


Al Jazeera: Malaria deaths surge in Africa amid fight against COVID-19 (Adow, 7/26).

AP: South Africa warns COVID-19 corruption puts ‘lives at risk’ (Magome, 7/26).

AP: Pregnant women at risk of death in Kenya’s COVID-19 curfew (Adula, 7/25).

The Guardian: ‘I can’t give in’: The Togolese nun caring for AIDS patients amid Covid-19 (Girardot, 7/27).

The Guardian: ‘It’s over, I am going to die’: how Uganda’s coronavirus curfew is claiming lives (Okereke, 7/27).

New Humanitarian: ‘Ebola business’ concerns resurface as new Congo outbreak spreads (Kleinfeld/Masango, 7/27).

U.N. News: Zimbabwe: COVID-19 must not be used to stifle freedoms, says U.N. rights office (7/24).

Wall Street Journal: After Early Success, South Africa Buckles Under Coronavirus Surge (Steinhauser/Patel, 7/26).


ABC RN Breakfast: PNG calls on World Health Organization and military for help to deal with coronavirus (Kelly, 7/27).

BBC News: Coronavirus: Why won’t India admit how Covid-19 is spreading? (Pandey, 7/26).

New Humanitarian: COVID-19 fuels tensions between Rohingya refugees and Bangladeshi hosts (Anas, 7/27).

NPR: North Korea Reports 1st Suspected Case Of Coronavirus (McCallister, 7/26).

U.N. News: COVID-19 means development setbacks for Mongolia: a U.N. Resident Coordinator’s blog (7/25).

VICE: Indonesia’s COVID-19 Pandemic is Killing Medical Professionals at an Alarming Rate (Maulana/Vit, 7/27).

Wall Street Journal: North Korea Reports Its First Apparent Covid-19 Case (Martin/Jeong, 7/26).

Washington Post: North Korea locks down border city as first possible coronavirus case is announced (Kim, 7/26).


AP: European tourism faces turbulence only weeks after restart (Moulson/Kurtenbach, 7/27).

The Hill: Spain tightens COVID-19 restrictions after new outbreaks (Deese, 7/24).

The Hill: France to require coronavirus tests for those entering the country from U.S. (Moreno, 7/24).

POLITICO: Sweden split on coronavirus immunity (Duxbury, 7/24).


Financial Times: A plague on all your houses? Pandemic politics in Latin America (Stott, 7/27).

New York Times: The Amazon, Giver of Life, Unleashes the Pandemic (Hicks et al., 7/25).

Washington Post: Colombian guerrillas are using coronavirus curfews to expand their control. Violators have been killed (Janetsky/Faiola, 7/26).


AP: Pilgrims arrive in Mecca for downsized hajj amid pandemic (Batrawy, 7/27).

Wall Street Journal: Saudi Arabia’s Latest Challenge: Containing Covid-19 During the Hajj (Abdulaziz/Kalin, 7/25).


The Hill: CDC releases updated guidelines in favor of reopening schools (Moreno, 7/24).

New York Times: CDC Calls on Schools to Reopen, Downplaying Health Risks (Goodnough, 7/24).

Wall Street Journal: Coronavirus Cases Soar in the U.S., Top 16 Million Globally (Calfas/Wen, 7/26).

Washington Post: America’s global standing is at a low point. The pandemic made it worse (Balz, 7/26).

Washington Post: CDC director concedes schools in ‘hot spots’ face tougher call on reopening (Meckler/Weiner, 7/24).