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This Week in Coronavirus: May 21 to May 28

Every Friday, we’re recapping the past week in the coronavirus pandemic from our tracking, policy analysis, polling, and journalism. This past week (May 21 to 28), total deaths due to COVID-19 in the U.S. surpassed 100,000 on Wednesday, May 27. That day ended with approximately 100,400 total confirmed deaths.

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Coronavirus’ Unequal Economic Toll

In Drew Altman’s column in Axios, he finds almost half of African Americans and Latinos are struggling to pay their bills because of coronavirus. “This pain would surely be worse without Washington’s relief efforts. Even so, the hardship is real, and that strengthens the case for more aid and better targeting to the families that need it most.”
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COVID-19 and Massive Job Losses Will Test the US Health Insurance Safety Net

In this May 2020 post for The JAMA Health Forum, Larry Levitt explores how the massive and rapid job losses of the past few months will test the ACA’s coverage safety net – and how different policies could strengthen or weaken it.

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Sweden’s Coronavirus Strategy Should Not Be the World’s — But Aspects of It Are Worthy of Consideration

Sweden’s response to the novel coronavirus has been simultaneously praised and criticized by public health experts. In an article for Foreign Affairs, KFF’s Josh Michaud discusses the merits and risks associated with Sweden’s hands-off approach to the pandemic.

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This Week in Coronavirus: May 14 to 21

Every Friday, we’re recapping the latest on the coronavirus from our tracking, policy analysis, polling, and journalism. This week, total cases in the U.S. are still climbing, and from May 14 to May 20, 2020 increased by 159,400, bringing the cumulative total of cases past 1.5 million.

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Big Questions for the Health Policy Community Emerging From the Coronavirus Crisis

With so many Americans dying, and so many more suffering severe economic hardship, it’s hard to look over the horizon at the larger questions the COVID-19 crisis will bring. The current emergency requires everyone’s attention 24/7. But an emerging set of questions will fall right in the bailiwick of the health policy community.

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