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In Medicare, Black and Hispanic Individuals Account for Disproportionate Share of COVID-19 Cases and Hospitalizations

Among Medicare beneficiaries, the latest data released in June 2020 from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services indicates that Black and Hispanic individuals represent a disproportionate share of cases and hospitalizations due to the coronavirus.

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Seniors of Color Have Significantly Less Savings than White Seniors

Black and Hispanic Seniors Have Significantly Lower Savings Than White Seniors

In 2019, median savings among adults ages 65 and older were substantially lower for Black and Hispanic than White seniors. Approximately 1 in 4 Black and Hispanic seniors had no savings at all. Learn more in this Chart of the Week.

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18 States Reporting At Least Half of Their Coronavirus Deaths Occurred in Long-term Care Facilities

In 18 States, Deaths in Long-Term Care Facilities Account for at Least Half of Their COVID-19 Deaths

As of May 14, 18 states are reporting that deaths due to COVID-19 occurring in long-term care facilities account for at least half of total deaths from the coronavirus pandemic those states. Learn more in this Chart of the Week.

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Where Each State Stands on Coronavirus Testing This Week

States are making varied gains in testing their populations for coronavirus. In this Chart of the Week, see how the number of tests with results has changed across states’ populations since April 28, 2020.

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In April, coronavirus spread to over 1 million confirmed cases worldwide in two weeks, Chart of the Week

Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 Increased by Over 1 Million in Last Two Weeks

In the past two weeks in April, confirmed cases of COVID-19 increased by over 1 million worldwide. Learn more in this Chart of the Week.

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timeline of coronavirus state stay-at-home orders

When State Stay-at-Home Orders Due to Coronavirus Went into Effect

Implementation of state stay-at-home orders in response to the coronavirus pandemic have been staggered. Here’s a timeline of when each state’s mandates went into effect as cases climbed across the United States. Learn more in this Chart of the Week.

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Fewer hospital beds per capita in US than countries already overwhelmed by coronavirus

Fewer Hospital Beds in USA Per Capita Than Countries Already Overwhelmed by Coronavirus

The U.S. has 2.8 hospital beds for every 1,000 people, which is similar to bed capacity in Canada and the United Kingdom, but less than other similarly wealthy countries like Italy and Spain, countries that have already been overwhelmed by the coronavirus. Learn more in this Chart of the Week.

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On Super Tuesday, Larger Shares Favor Public Option Than Single Payer, But Majorities Favor Both

Polling from 8 of the 14 Super Tuesday states that held Democratic presidential primaries that day revealed that a larger share of favored a public option over Medicare-for-all, but majorities still favor both.

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How worried are Americans that coronavirus will affect them or their family? Chart of the Week

How Worried Are Americans That Coronavirus Will Affect Them or Their Family?

Those in fair or poor health are more likely to say they are very or somewhat concerned that they or a family member will contract the coronavirus, compared to those who report having an excellent, very good, or good health status. Learn more in this Chart of the Week.

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New Hampshire Democratic Primary health care voters care more about beating President Trump than policy ideas, Chart of the Week

In N.H. Democratic Primary, Beating President Trump Mattered More to Health Care Voters than Policy Ideas

Electing a presidential candidate who can defeat President Trump mattered more to health care voters in New Hampshire than policy ideas.

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