U.S. Should Continue To Lead In Global Malaria Efforts

The Hill: The U.S. is leading the way in the fight against malaria
Josh Blumenfeld, managing director of global policy and advocacy at Malaria No More, and Margaret O’Reilly McDonnell, executive director of the U.N. Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign

“…[T]he United States must stay at the forefront of the global malaria fight. We cannot let down our guard or malaria will fight back. … The good news is that we and public-private partnerships are investing in more research to develop new tools and use next-generation data collection and analysis techniques to deliver solutions to the right places at the right times. This can help stretch our foreign aid dollars as far as possible and is critical to accelerate progress and help prevent resurgence. Additionally, Congress and the administration continue to provide vital leadership in the malaria fight. In the most recent omnibus spending bill, Congress appropriated essential funding for PMI and [the] Global Fund, while days later Dr. Ken Staley was appointed U.S. Global Malaria Coordinator to lead PMI and U.S. efforts to fight malaria. USAID Administrator Mark Green also announced last September that PMI expanded its effective work to five additional countries, extending PMI’s total reach … The American commitment to the fight against malaria, supported by Democrats and Republicans, is a symbol of the United States’ leadership role in the world. It is a testament to what America can accomplish when it sets its sights on important goals. And it is the reason why we can envision the day that no one dies from a mosquito bite” (4/19).