U.N. Cites Challenges Reaching Syrians In Need Of Aid, Says Polio Vaccination Efforts Successful

Agence France-Presse: U.N. aid effort struggling to reach millions in Syria
“…As the war heads toward a fifth year, some 4.8 million Syrians or around 40 percent of the total 12.2 million people in need of help are difficult to reach, said Assistant Secretary-General for aid Kang Kyung-wha…” (1/28).

Reuters: Polio immunization rate in Syria close to pre-war level — WHO
“The proportion of infants immunized against polio in Syria is close to pre-war levels thanks to a vaccination drive triggered by a rare outbreak of the disease, a World Health Organization (WHO) official said…” (Westall, 1/28).

U.N. News Centre: Lack of funding hampering humanitarian aid to war-affected Syrians — U.N. relief official
“…Ms. Kang said the Syria response is now contained in a single plan and appeal, inclusive of assistance both from within the country and through cross-border operations, adding that the response to people inside Syria will require $2.9 billion this year to assist the 7.6 million people displaced within the country, and the 3.8 million refugees…” (1/28).