Coronavirus Outbreak Interrupting Routine Childhood Immunizations, U.N. Agencies Warn, Urge Continuance Of Vaccinations

Devex: Don’t let coronavirus derail urgent vaccinations, PAHO warns
“Vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles could spread further in Latin America and the Caribbean if countries do not maintain immunizations during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pan American Health Organization warned Tuesday…” (Welsh, 4/29).

The Guardian: Polio campaign in Africa put on hold during coronavirus
“Vaccinations for up to 12 million children to prevent the spread of polio in Africa will be delayed, in a major redeployment of polio eradication resources to fight the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic…” (Akinwotu, 4/29).

Reuters: Children in South Asia at risk as coronavirus disrupts immunization drive: UNICEF
“Disruptions to immunization programs across South Asia due to the coronavirus pandemic are upending attempts to vaccinate millions of children against deadly diseases, the United Nations’ children’s fund UNICEF warned on Tuesday…” (Greenfield/Ahmad, 4/28).