New Delhi Government Urged To Declare Public Health Emergency As Heavy Pollution Worsens

Al Jazeera: Health emergency declared, pollution soars in New Delhi
“The Indian capital was enveloped by a shroud of toxic smog on Tuesday, forcing the Indian Medical Association to declare a public health emergency and advised schools to be shut…” (Saberin, 11/7).

CNN: Delhi urged to declare emergency after third day of heavy pollution
“The Delhi government is being urged to declare a city-wide health emergency, as residents endured a third straight day of heavy pollution. Air quality readings in India’s capital have soared since Tuesday, with one monitor showing levels in the city were 969 — the World Health Organization considers anything above 25 to be unsafe…” (Wu, 11/8).

Reuters: Schools shut in India’s Delhi for the week as toxic smog thickens
“…Delhi’s government on Wednesday ordered schools shut for the rest of the week as air pollution worsened and criticism mounted over the failure of Indian authorities to tackle the public health crisis…” (Kalra, 11/8).

Washington Post: New Delhi is a ‘gas chamber’: Schools close and people stay home as pollution chokes India’s capital
“…The chief minister of Delhi called the city a ‘gas chamber.’ The dip in air quality happens regularly around this time of year. In previous years, it was linked to fireworks burned during the festival of Diwali, and crop burning in surrounding states. This year, an expert said, the cause was ‘local dust’ meaning pollution from inside the city…” (Doshi, 11/7).