Nations Respond To COVID-19 Outbreaks With Public Health Emergency Declarations, Funding, Border Closings

Al Jazeera: Misinformation, fake news spark India coronavirus fears (Purohit, 3/10).

AP: Virus woes shift from China to Italy as borders slam shut (Wang et al., 3/10).

AP: No health emergency but virus hits politics in E.U.’s heart (Cook, 3/10).

Bloomberg: Africa CDC Intensifies Coronavirus Response in 43 Countries (Gebre, 3/8).

The Hill: Public health emergency declared in Philippines as virus cases double (Klar, 3/9).

The Hill: Israel imposing 14-day quarantine on all arrivals from abroad (Coleman, 3/9).

Reuters: Isolated North Korea should allow outside coronavirus help: U.N. (Nebehay, 3/9).

Reuters: Lower trend in new coronavirus cases raises glimmer of hope in South Korea (Shin, 3/9).

Reuters: Japan unveils $4 billion coronavirus package, not yet eyeing extra budget (Kajimoto et al, 3/9).

Reuters: Italy extends coronavirus lockdown to whole country as new cases surge (Balmer, 3/9).

The Telegraph: How prepared is Britain for coronavirus pandemic? Sophisticated analysis shows three major gaps (Casey, 3/9).

VOA: U.N. Investigator Warns Against Isolating North Korea as Threat of COVID-19 Looms (Schlein, 3/9).

Washington Post: As more virus cases trace their origins to Egypt, questions rise over government measures (Raghavan/Mahfouz, 3/9).