More News In Global Health

ABC (Australia): West Africa’s Ebola outbreak was ‘catastrophic’ — here’s the story of how it was contained (Dulaney, 4/5).

Bloomberg: Bill Gates Says Virus Death Toll May Not Reach Experts’ Worst Case (Krasny, 4/5).

Devex: Q&A: U.N. Women envisions a more gender-equal post-pandemic society (Lieberman, 4/6).

Devex: After Ebola funds fiasco, IFRC is ‘confident’ corruption won’t get COVID-19 money (Root, 4/6).

Devex: How will COVID-19 impact foundation grants? (Worley, 4/6).

The Guardian: Sanctions should not impede coronavirus fight, E.U. diplomat says (Gayle, 4/4).

The Guardian: Ban wildlife markets to avert pandemics, says U.N. biodiversity chief (Greenfield, 4/6).

New York Times: Gita Ramjee, a Leading AIDS Researcher, Dies at 63 (Genzlinger, 4/3).

NPR: Global Roundtable: Coronavirus Crisis Upends Death Rituals (Arraf, 4/6).

SciDev.Net: One-stop test offers instant hepatitis B diagnosis (Vesper, 3/27).

U.N. News: Political prisoners should be among first released in pandemic response, says U.N. rights chief (4/3).