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Opinion Piece, Letter To Editor Discuss Role Of Philanthropy In Global Health, Sustainable Development

Financial Times: Philanthropy’s blighted reputation threatens global giving Phil Buchanan, president of the Center for Effective Philanthropy “Charitable giving worldwide supports a diverse and vital group of non-government organizations working on issues from disaster relief and global poverty to educational opportunities for girls. But today, at least in the U.S.,…

More News In Global Health

Devex: ‘Wise persons’ to scrutinize E.U. development finance (Chadwick, 4/16). Devex: Q&A: ICRC chief on why international NGOs ‘are at extreme risk’ (Igoe, 4/16). Devex: Q&A: How a skeptic helped design Co-Impact’s approach to giving (Cheney, 4/17). Fast Company: Bill Gates isn’t scared of sharks, but he wants nothing to…

Bill Gates Explores Use Of Mapping Technology To Address Global Malaria

Gates Notes: These maps could point the way to stopping malaria In recognition of Mosquito Week, Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, explores the science behind malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases and highlights the importance of data and mapping technology in making progress against malaria (4/15).

More News In Global Health

Associated Press: In South Sudan, midwives bring down deaths despite the odds (Mednick, 4/13). Borgen Magazine: The World’s Largest Refugee Camp: Life in Cox’s Bazar (Dunphey, 4/15). Forbes: Here Is A Major Soil Problem That Will Affect Health (Lee, 4/14). Fox News: Madagascar measles epidemic kills over 1,200 people (Aaro,…

More News In Global Health

Associated Press/Dallas News: George W. Bush honors Bill and Melinda Gates in Dallas with leadership award (4/11). The Lancet: Disease X and other unknowns (Honigsbaum, 4/13). NPR: Chickenpox, The Latest Burden On The Rohingya Refugees (Beaubien, 4/11). NPR: South Korean Court Strikes Down Decades-Old Abortion Ban (Gong, 4/12). Quartz: An…

More News In Global Health

CNN: Half a million children at risk as Libya violence continues: UNICEF (McKirdy, 4/10). CNN: This drug-resistant fungus is spreading. Scientists warn of new superbugs to come (Nedelman, 4/10). Forbes: How a Gates Foundation Backed Fund is Revolutionizing Global Health Impact Investing (Harris, 4/9). The Guardian: Why should we Yemenis…

More News In Global Health

Borgen Magazine: Health Care and Disease in Sri Lanka (Sherrington, 3/29). CNN: In world first, HIV-positive woman donates kidney to HIV-positive recipient (Scutti, 3/28). Devex: Could Nigeria’s HIV rate be just half what was thought? (Adepoju, 4/1). Devex: Q&A: Hewlett Foundation’s Ruth Levine on how donors can stop ‘undercutting chances…