More News In Global Health

Bloomberg: Caribbean Says Zika No Longer an Issue. Doctors Say Not So Fast (Ekstein, 11/1).

MedPage Today: Malaria Hits Papua New Guinea Once Again (Lyles, 10/30).

New York Times: How to Turbocharge Flu Protection (Llamas Required) (Zimmer, 11/1).
Science: Nasal gene spray inspired by llama antibodies could prevent all types of flu (Cohen, 11/1).

Radio Free Asia: Malaria Cases in Myanmar See Huge Drop, Thanks to Efforts by Community Health Workers (Gerin, 11/1).

Reuters: Australia to remove child refugees from Pacific detention centers within weeks: diplomat (Packham, 10/31).

Science: ‘Poop vault’ of human feces could preserve gut’s microbial biodiversity — and help treat disease (Rabesandratana, 11/1).

VOA News: Human Rights Watch Calls on North Korea to End Pervasive Sexual Abuse (Miller, 11/1).

Washington Post: More than 200 are raped per month in Congo’s Kasai conflict, says new report (Bearak, 11/2).