Continued Military Operations In Syria’s Idlib Interrupting Humanitarian Operations, Including At Health Facilities, Immunization Centers, U.N. Official Says

Associated Press: U.N. warns more Idlib military action will overwhelm aid needs
“The U.N. deputy humanitarian chief warned Tuesday that further military operations in northwest Syria’s Idlib province will overwhelm aid efforts, stressing that an estimated 3 million people are caught up in crossfire in the last rebel stronghold. Assistant Secretary-General Ursula Mueller told the Security Council that humanitarian operations in many areas where there are active hostilities have been suspended, explaining that many of the U.N.’s humanitarian partners have been displaced. This means the suspension of health, nutrition, and protection services previously supporting some 600,000 people, including 21 immunization centers that have ceased operations, Mueller said. It also includes at least 49 health facilities that have suspended or partially suspended activities for security reasons, she said…” (Lederer, 5/28).