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Continued Government, Philanthropic Leadership On Health Issues ‘Formula For Success’ In India

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Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“…Melinda and I have made a point of visiting India regularly; our most recent visit to the country was just last month. A centerpiece of our visit was the launch of the India Newborn Action Plan, or INAP. This plan reflects the Indian government’s admirable and far-sighted commitment to the health of mothers and children. In this undertaking, the government’s job will be to maintain funding and accountability at the necessary levels. But philanthropists — especially those based right here in India — have their own tasks ahead of them: To identify the unsolved aspects of the problem; to invest in truly innovative solutions; and to collaborate intelligently with the government in ways that derive maximum leverage from the strengths of each sector. As India’s own national experience has demonstrated, this is a proven formula for success. I have deep and growing faith in the governmental and philanthropic leadership of this country to apply that formula in ever more meaningful ways” (10/3).