Bangladesh To Provide Voluntary Sterilization To Rohingya Refugees; UNICEF To Conduct Child Nutrition Survey

Agence France-Presse: Bangladesh eyes sterilization to curb Rohingya population
“Bangladesh is planning to introduce voluntary sterilization in its overcrowded Rohingya camps, where nearly a million refugees are fighting for space, after efforts to encourage birth control failed. … Pintu Kanti Bhattacharjee, who heads the family planning service in the district of Cox’s Bazar where the camps are based, said there was little awareness of birth control among the Rohingya…” (10/28).

U.N. News Centre: Rohingya crisis: U.N. agencies focus on improving access as overcrowded camps hamper response
“As the number of Rohingya refugees sheltering in southern Bangladesh crosses 800,000, United Nations agencies responding to the crisis are working hard to ensure access in the difficult to reach area so that much needed assistance can be delivered in a timely manner…” (10/27).

VOA News: Malnutrition Crisis Grips Rohingya Refugee Children
“The U.N. children’s fund warns potentially life-threatening malnutrition is soaring among Rohingya refugee children who have fled to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, to escape violence and abuse in Myanmar. The U.N. children’s fund does not know the extent of acute malnutrition among Rohingya child refugees. So, UNICEF spokeswoman Marixie Mercado says a nutrition survey is underway that will provide vital data when it is completed in November…” (Schlein, 10/28).