Rohingya Refugee Situation In Bangladesh Deserves More International Attention, Lancet Editorial Says

The Lancet: The Rohingya people: past, present, and future
Editorial Board

“Aung San Suu Kyi’s fall from grace is complete. Last week she gave an inhumane defense of Myanmar, a nation being tried for genocide, in a hearing at the International Court of Justice. But while events in The Hague monopolize the world’s attention, the appalling situation for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh is being neglected. … Sanitation is poor, food is scarce, and shelters are basic and overcrowded. Humanitarian agencies have brought some stability, but the health situation is precarious. … Meanwhile, a new generation is being born in the camps of Cox’s Bazar, a generation whose health and prospects are in jeopardy. Their future is uncertain. For the present, the very least we can give them is our attention” (12/21).