Blog Posts, Releases Discuss COVID-19’s Impacts On Health Systems, Services, Children, Refugees

Center for Global Development: Understanding the Impact Of COVID-19 On Essential Medicine Supply Chains
Anthony McDonnell, senior policy analyst at CGD, and colleagues (6/17).

Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: Global Fund Survey: Majority of HIV, TB and Malaria Programs Face Disruptions as a Result of COVID-19 (6/17).

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: New Modeling Study Estimates the Potential Impact of a COVID-19 Outbreak in Bangladesh Refugee Camps (6/16).

ODI: Dealing with Covid-19 in rural Africa: lessons from previous crises
Steve Wiggins, principal research fellow with ODI, and colleagues (June 2020).

U.N.: Battling COVID-19 misinformation hands-on (June 2020).

UNDP: In Bosnia and Herzegovina, study projects deepening pandemic impact (6/17).

UNICEF: Keep the well-being of children at the center of COVID-19 response and recovery (6/18).

World Bank: Investing in Africa’s People Yields Impact, Strengthens Efforts to Beat Pandemic (6/17).

World Economic Forum: We’re ‘finished’ if we don’t change after coronavirus, warns naturalist Jane Goodall
Harry Kretchmer, senior writer for Formative Content (6/17).

World Economic Forum: The plight of Peru illustrates the danger of COVID-19 to developing countries
John Letzing, digital editor for strategic intelligence at the World Economic Forum (6/17).