New Reports Profile the Growing Uninsured Population and Portray the Health Care Safety Net as Increasingly Strained

Five Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured reports released at a policy briefing profile the growing uninsured population and portray the health care safety net as increasingly strained to meet uninsured people’s needs.

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Covering the Uninsured: Growing Need, Strained Resources

icon_reports_studies.gifFederal Spending on the Health Care Safety Net from 2001-2004: Has Spending Kept Pace with the Growth in the Uninsured?

Health Affairs article, Changes in Economic Conditions and Health Insurance Coverage, 2000-2004 (Free Access)
Abstract Reprint

icon_reports_studies.gifAre Immigrants Responsible for Most of the Growth of the Uninsured?

icon_reports_studies.gifThreadbare: Holes in America’s Health Care Safety Net

Health Coverage in America, 2004 Data Update

The Uninsured and Their Access to Health Care

Webcast of policy briefing releasing new studies

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