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On Super Tuesday, Larger Shares Favor Public Option Than Single Payer, But Majorities Favor Both

Polling from 8 of the 14 Super Tuesday states that held Democratic presidential primaries that day revealed that a larger share of favored a public option over Medicare-for-all, but majorities still favor both.

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How worried are Americans that coronavirus will affect them or their family? Chart of the Week

How Worried Are Americans That Coronavirus Will Affect Them or Their Family?

Those in fair or poor health are more likely to say they are very or somewhat concerned that they or a family member will contract the coronavirus, compared to those who report having an excellent, very good, or good health status. Learn more in this Chart of the Week.

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New Hampshire Democratic Primary health care voters care more about beating President Trump than policy ideas, Chart of the Week

In N.H. Democratic Primary, Beating President Trump Mattered More to Health Care Voters than Policy Ideas

Electing a presidential candidate who can defeat President Trump mattered more to health care voters in New Hampshire than policy ideas.

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Drug overdose deaths by state

Drug Overdose Deaths Have Declined Nationally and in Most States, Though Some States Have Seen Increases

While drug overdose deaths have declined nationally and in most states, 19 states have seen increases since 2017.

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Most Republicans Approve Of How President Trump Is Handling Medicaid, While Most Democrats And Independents Disapprove_1

Most Republicans Approve of How President Trump is Handling Medicaid, While Most Democrats and Independents Don’t

51 percent of the public disapprove of how President Trump is handling Medicaid, but approval varies across partisan lines. A majority of Republicans approve, while most Democrats and Independents don’t.

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Men and Women of All Ages Largely Unaware of When Most Abortions Occur

Men And Women Of All Ages Largely Unaware Of When Most Abortions Occur

A majority of Americans incorrectly think most abortions occur 8 weeks or more into a pregnancy and few are aware that less than 5% of abortions occur more than 20 weeks into a pregnancy. Learn more in this Chart of the Week.

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COW: Medicare beneficiary spending

Long-Term Care Facility Costs Are the Largest Share of Annual Out-of-Pocket Spending by Medicare Beneficiaries

Long term care facility costs are the largest share of annual out of pocket spending by Medicare beneficiaries — representing 32% of their spending on services annually.

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Uninsured Most Likely to Delay or Go Without Care or Prescription Drugs Due to Cost

Many uninsured people do not obtain the treatments their health care providers recommend for them because of the cost of care. In 2018, uninsured nonelderly adults were more than three times as likely as adults with private coverage to say that they postponed or did not get a needed prescription drug due to cost.

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Despite ACA coverage of screening and services, only 27% of women have discussed intimate partner violence with their provider

Despite ACA Coverage, Only 27% of Women Have Discussed Intimate Partner Violence With Their Provider

The Affordable Care Act provides protections and requires coverage of specific support services to people who have experienced intimate partner violence (IPV). Despite these protections, only 27 percent of women have discussed IPV with their provider.

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36 States Saw Declines in Monthly Medicaid, CHIP Enrollment Since 2017

Following enrollment gains since the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid and CHIP enrollment declined in 36 states, by 1.9 million nationwide, between December 2017 and July 2019.

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