World Meets MDG 6 Targets For Malaria Reduction, Can Eliminate Disease Through Continued Partnerships, U.N. Says

Inter Press Service: U.N. Marks Achievement in Global Malaria Reduction
“…With just six weeks left for the MDGs deadline, the U.N. has announced that the MDG six targets to reverse the incidence of malaria by 2015 have been met and surpassed. Since 2000, malaria interventions have contributed to a 60 percent decline in malaria mortality rates around the world, averting approximately 6.2 million deaths primarily in young children…” (Yakupitiyage, 11/19).

U.N. News Centre: U.N. Millennium Development Goal target to reduce malaria burden achieved
“… ‘The world’s success in rolling back malaria shows just what can be achieved with the right kind of determination and partnerships,’ said Mogens Lykketoft, the president of the U.N. General Assembly. ‘It provides bold inspiration to all nations that seek to create a healthy environment for their children and adults. We can and we must eliminate malaria by 2030,’ he added, noting that this will require full implementation of the new strategy developed by the Roll Back Malaria Partnership and the World Health Organization (WHO)…” (11/19).