WHO Expresses Concern Over Ebola In Nigeria As Number Of Cases Rises To 18

News outlets report on a growing cluster of Ebola cases in Nigeria’s major oil-trading port.

New York Times: WHO Concerned About Another Ebola Cluster in Nigeria
“The World Health Organization expressed worry on Wednesday about a second cluster of Ebola virus patients in Nigeria — in the center of its oil industry — because one of the three confirmed victims was a doctor who had treated patients and socialized after he became contagious…” (Gladstone, 9/3).

Reuters: Nigerian Ebola cases rise to 18, deaths up to 7
“Nigeria now has 18 Ebola cases, after a fourth case surfaced in Port Harcourt, home to Africa’s biggest oil and gas industry, the health minister said on Wednesday…” (9/3).

ScienceInsider: Nigeria’s Ebola outbreak spreads
“The hopes that Nigeria’s Ebola outbreak could be quickly stamped out have evaporated. The World Health Organization (WHO) [Wednesday] issued its first detailed report of the spread of the virus in Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s oil hub. Last week, authorities announced that a doctor there had died of the disease, after secretly treating a diplomat who had been infected in Lagos by a traveler from Liberia…” (Vogel, 9/3).