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War, Economic Collapse Place Half Of Yemen’s Population At Risk Of Famine

The Guardian: Famine in Yemen could become one of worst in living memory, U.N. says
“Yemen is sliding fast toward what could become one of the worst famines in living memory, the U.N.’s top emergency relief official has warned. The country is in ‘clear and present danger’ of mass deaths from starvation, and as many as 14 million people — half the population — could soon be entirely dependent on aid to survive, the under-secretary general for humanitarian affairs, Mark Lowcock, said…” (Graham-Harrison, 10/24).

IRIN: Famine in Yemen: A primer
“…The truth is that Yemen has been teetering on the edge of famine for much of its more than three and a half years of war, and while food prices have recently shot up thanks to a collapsing currency, this is not the first time humanitarians have rung the alarm bells. … Yemen’s currency has been in freefall since September, causing a spike in food and fuel prices and even further impacting the average Yemeni’s ability to purchase what they need to survive. … But declaring a famine is a technically complicated process…” (Slemrod/Parker, 10/24).