U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan Bringing Closure Of ‘Model’ Hospital

“By next month, there will be no more doctors at the clinic once deemed a model for Afghanistan,” as “its [U.S.] funding [is] depleted and the Afghan government [is] unable to provide support,” the Washington Post reports. “As the United States’ longest war winds down, hundreds of aid projects are being handed over to Afghan ministries, which sometimes lack the capacity or interest to sustain what foreign donors started,” the newspaper writes, adding, “The Urgent and Primary Care Clinic in Kabul is a small but telling example: one of the few medical facilities in Afghanistan with state-of-the-art American equipment, a place that once saw nearly 5,000 patients per month and will soon see none.” The article examines the history of the hospital and its prospects for continuing operations (Sieff, 11/17).