U.S. Should Support Increased Investment In Global Fund

Idaho Statesman: Support for Global Fund imperative as U.S. tries to save lives from TB, malaria, AIDS
John Thompson, senior pastor of the Cornerstone Church in Boise, Idaho

“…Congress has the opportunity this year to make major progress against [AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), and malaria] in Thailand and beyond. We can step up the fight against AIDS, TB, and malaria with a modest increase to our previous commitments [to the Global Fund]. The U.S. can help the Global Fund reach its $14 billion fundraising goal for the next three years … This summer, [Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho)] has the opportunity to support a modest increase for the Global Fund and showcase his leadership for humanitarian assistance as the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The Senate will soon consider a $1.56 billion annual U.S. contribution to the fund for fiscal years 2020-2022 in the State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs 2020 funding bill. As Christians, we believe that supporting global health is not just smart and economical; it’s the right thing to do. … We know the Global Fund will lift up and save the lives of millions” (7/17).