U.S., Other Donors Must Increase Global Fund Investments To End HIV, TB, Malaria Epidemics

Miami Herald: U.S. should not abandon the global fight against AIDS and malaria
Brian McLaren, author, speaker, activist, and public theologian in Marco Island, Florida

“…This year, we are entering a three-year funding cycle where the choice is before us whether we will step up the fight to end [the HIV, TB, and malaria] epidemics or allow them to plateau or, even worse, increase. If we cut funding [to the Global Fund] … as recommended by the Trump administration last year, we risk our previous investments being squandered. … But if we scale up our support for the Global Fund — leveraging funding from other donors and encouraging affected countries to step up the fight — we could see significant health gains around the world. … Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart have been tremendous champions, with legacies of supporting U.S. humanitarian assistance programs, like the Global Fund, during their time in office. We need their continued leadership for the United States to continue to invest in one-third of the Global Fund’s financing and encourage other donors to increase their investment with a contribution of $1.56 billion in fiscal years 2020-2022. In a time of unprecedented polemics in politics, global health funding is one area where we can come together across the aisle, choose to save millions of lives together, and demonstrate life-saving American leadership around the world” (2/25).