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U.S., North Korea Meeting Could Have Implications For Global Health Security

Forbes: U.S. — North Korea Meeting Could Be Make Or Break For Global Health Security
Nicole Fisher, founder and CEO of HHR Strategies

“…[A]s President Trump and Kim Jong-Un prepare for a potential meeting to discuss nuclear disarmament, the implications for global health hang in the balance. Without a meeting, and without compromise, the [humanitarian] situation is North Korea will likely grow worse. U.N. and humanitarian efforts will continue to be scaled back (meaning even less food, clean water, and medical aid), and multidrug-resistant TB and malaria stand to spread rapidly across the nation. Conversely, if diplomacy prevails — or talks are even allowed to advance — sanctions against North Korea could be decreased, and a flood of humanitarian aid and health care could enter the country. … Hopes are that in the coming months, real change is possible, and the world gets a better understanding of life, death, and disease in North Korea” (5/18).