North Korea Likely Unprepared For Widespread COVID-19 Outbreak; China Calls On U.S., Other Countries To Lift Sanctions Against Nation

AP: North Korean swagger may conceal brewing virus disaster
“…As a new and frightening virus closes in around it, North Korea presents itself as a fortress, tightening its borders as cadres of health officials stage a monumental disinfection and monitoring program. That image of world-defying impregnability, however, may belie a brewing disaster. … North Korea, which claims zero infections, may be vastly unprepared for a virus that is testing much more developed countries across the globe — and even that infections could already be exploding within its borders…” (Klug, 3/3).

AP: China says North Korea is suffering ‘negatively’ from virus
“China’s U.N. ambassador said Monday that North Korea is suffering ‘negatively’ from the coronavirus and called for greater flexibility from the United States and other countries on lifting sanctions against the country…” (Lederer, 3/3).

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