U.N. Launches Road Safety Trust Fund To Address Traffic-Related Injuries, Deaths In Developing Countries

Devex: U.N. launches new fund on road safety, as deaths continue to climb
“A new United Nations trust fund on road safety launched Thursday, in a bid to address the growing number of road traffic injuries and deaths in developing countries. … The road safety fund — which received a kickstarter donation of $10 million from the FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society, a foundation that contributes to road safety efforts — will work to refocus national road safety budgets and unlock additional country and city investment…” (Lieberman, 4/13).

U.N. News: U.N. launches initiative to improve road safety worldwide
“…According to the U.N. Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the organization’s development arm in the continent, which is also the secretariat for the Trust Fund, every $1,500 contributed to the fund could save one life; prevent 10 serious injuries; and leverage $51,000 towards investments in road safety…” (4/12).