Travel Limitations Hindering Ebola Efforts; Passenger Screenings Could Be Ineffective

News outlets examine how travel limitations to and from West Africa are hindering efforts to contain Ebola, and a European report saying airline passenger screenings might be ineffective.

New York Times: Ebola Fight in Africa Is Hurt by Limits on Ways to Get Out
“…[According to an aid group,] Europe’s failure to establish a swift evacuation service for infected medical workers has become a serious hurdle impeding the battle against Ebola in West Africa…” (Higgins, 10/14).

Roll Call: European Report Questions Impact of Airport Ebola Screening
“…[T]his weekend the European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a technical report on the effectiveness of airport screening procedures. The report says the value of exit screening at departing airports is low and the impact of entry screening at arriving airports is also minimal…” (Jenks, 10/14).