Taiwan Being Included In High-Risk Coronavirus Area But Unable To Receive Firsthand Information From WHO, Other International Organizations

Reuters: Shut out of WHO, Taiwan faces flight bans, delays in virus updates
“Shut out of the World Health Organization, Taiwan faces a dual problem in battling the threat of a new coronavirus: it is being included as a high-risk area as part of China but is unable to get epidemic information firsthand. Taiwan is denied membership of most international bodies including the WHO, a U.N. agency, due to the objections of China, which considers the island a Chinese province with no right to participate unless it accepts it is part of China, something Taiwan’s fiercely democratic government will not do. … Now, with the virus biting, Taiwan says this policy means it has become collateral damage…” (Blanchard, 2/3).

Additional coverage of Taiwan’s efforts to receive information regarding the novel coronavirus outbreak is available from Bloomberg, CNSNews.com, Reuters.