Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Trump Administration Pushes For Taiwan’s Inclusion In International Organizations, Including WHO

AP: U.S. sees coronavirus window to push Taiwan’s global status
“The Trump administration is seizing the opportunity of the coronavirus pandemic to push a cause that has long been an irritant in U.S. relations with China: Taiwan. The virus has added yet another dimension to U.S.-China tensions that were already wracked by a trade war and heated discussions over intellectual property, human rights, and Chinese policies in Hong Kong and the South China Sea. … As the pandemic has grown, U.S. officials and lawmakers have stepped up alternately bashing China for a lack of transparency over the outbreak and praising Taiwan for its response to the outbreak. The administration is pressing for Taiwan’s inclusion as a separate entity in international organizations like the World Health Organization and International Civil Aviation Organization, both of which have significant roles in anti-virus efforts…” (Lee, 4/6).