Taiwan Calls China ‘Vile’ For WHO Exclusion During Coronavirus Outbreak; China, WHO Say Information Flowing To Taiwan

Reuters: Taiwan calls China ‘vile’ for limiting WHO access during virus outbreak
“Taiwan dramatically escalated its war of words with Beijing on Tuesday over the island’s exclusion from the World Health Organization, saying ‘vile’ China was preventing Taiwan from getting timely information about the coronavirus outbreak. Taiwan is not a WHO member because of China’s objections. Beijing says the island is a wayward Chinese province and is adequately represented in the organization by China…” (Blanchard, 2/3).

Washington Post: ‘One China’ dispute means one big headache for Taiwan in coronavirus crisis
“…With the outbreak sickening over 20,000 and killing more than 420, critics have accused China of playing politics with people’s lives and of using its economic sway to save face and bolster its standing. The predicament is most apparent in the case of Taiwan, which has an especially tense relationship with Beijing over disputed interpretations of the island’s status. … China and the World Health Organization say that Taiwan is getting the information it needs. Beijing has accused President Tsai Ing-wen, who won reelection last month, and her ruling Democratic Progressive Party of playing politics…” (Mahtani, 2/4).