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Syria’s Civil War Could Lead To Long-Term Mental Health Challenges, Consequences For Children

Washington Post: I treated kids in a Syrian hospital. We have no idea how to heal their trauma.
John Kahler, pediatrician and volunteer with the Syrian American Medical Society

“…[The war in Syria] is maiming children emotionally as well as physically. … [The] environment [in Aleppo] has led to epidemics of anxiety and depression among Syria’s children. These mental health challenges can have long-term consequences on the child’s ability to learn and to form meaningful relationships. Once this war is over, we’ll need to conduct a major mental health assessment and treatment for these children. Physical safety and rebuilding will be the easy part. Healing the spirit and soul is much harder. The United States and Russia have implemented a plan to reduce violence in Syria. Given the failure of all the other agreements, the people of Aleppo wait cautiously but hopefully for some sunlight in this pervasive darkness” (9/14).