USAID Helping Sierra Leone Communities Address Mental Health Challenges Following Ebola Epidemic, War

USAID’s “ImpactBlog”: Communities on the Road to Recovery and Healing In Post-Ebola Sierra Leone
Abdul Samba Brima, a communications coordinator at John Snow, Inc./Advancing Partners & Communities Project, discusses how people in Sierra Leone, affected by both war and the 2014 Ebola epidemic, “are finding a way to heal and to address community issues, which is leading to resiliency, and, ultimately, stronger community-based systems that meet people’s needs.” Brima, who is from Sierra Leone, writes, “I could only admire the spirit and perseverance of this community … as it finds answers to the numerous mental health challenges and broader community issues. … With USAID support, communities are being transformed and poised for a better future” (6/25).