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UNICEF Has ‘No Words’ In Response To Bombing Campaign In Syria Killing, Wounding Children

Agence France-Presse: UNICEF issues blank statement slamming ‘war ON children in Syria’
“The U.N. children’s fund on Tuesday expressed ‘outrage’ over the killings of children in Syria by issuing a blank statement, adding in a footnote that ‘no words will do (them) justice’. The statement came after a ferocious Syrian regime bombing campaign pounded the rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta on Monday, killing 127 civilians, 39 of them children…” (2/20).

NPR: ‘No Words Will Do Justice’: Onslaught On Syrian Suburb Kills Some 200 Civilians
“… ‘This could be one of the worst attacks in Syrian history, even worse than the siege on Aleppo. The sheer intensity of airstrikes is leveling the city, and killing civilians without any regard or mercy,’ Zedoun Al Zoebi, CEO of the UOSSM, said in a statement Monday. ‘Medicine and medical supplies have not been allowed into the city for months now, and there is virtually no medical care available for these people as they suffer severe trauma wounds. To systematically target and kill civilians amounts to a war crime and the international community must act to stop it’…” (Dwyer, 2/20).

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