‘Supposedly Pro-Life Majorities’ In Congress Must Not Delay U.S. Response To Zika

Washington Post: For Republicans in Congress, does ‘pro-life’ extend to fighting Zika?
Dana Milbank, opinion writer at the Washington Post

“…[T]he supposedly pro-life majorities in both chambers of Congress have done nothing with [President] Obama’s [Zika emergency funding] request, more than three months after he made it in early February. Republicans demanded that the administration repurpose money that was supposed to have been spent fighting Ebola, and the administration did so even though that virus has resurged in Africa. Now, the congressional delay is hampering our ability to monitor the spread, to test possible victims, and to prepare a vaccine. … [W]ith Zika, the delay is inevitably going to cause more fetuses to be deformed — and perhaps aborted — and a caucus supposedly devoted to protecting them is silent. There may never be a consensus on abortion, but can lawmakers not agree to fight a virus that destroys the brains of fetuses? … Let’s hear no more from so-called defenders of the unborn until they’ve done it” (5/10).