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Study Highlights Need For Improved Access To Xpert TB Tests Among Children, Detects High Levels Of Drug-Resistant Cases

PLOS ONE: Accelerating access to quality TB care for pediatric TB cases through better diagnostic strategy in four major cities of India
In this study, researchers from India’s Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics and colleagues addressed challenges to pediatric tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis in four Indian cities, where the study offered “free-of-cost Xpert testing to pediatric presumptive TB cases.” The researchers concluded the “project demonstrated the feasibility of rolling out rapid and upfront Xpert testing for pediatric presumptive TB cases through a single Xpert lab per city in an efficient manner,” and called for more access to the tests due to “high levels of rifampicin resistance detected in presumptive pediatric TB patients,” which serve as “a major cause of concern from a public health perspective” (2/28).